Amish Log Furniture

Rustic Log Furniture
Handcrafted and Built To Last

Amish log furniture is a popular choice for rustic log furniture in a log or timber home.

Handcrafted, using traditional woodworking techniques, it is made much the same way as it was, a hundred years ago.

Log furniture is simple in design. And it comes in many different woods, including cedar, pine, walnut, aspen and hickory.

In many families, the cedar log furniture of the family home has been handed down through generations, as heirlooms.

Through the years, people have come to trust Amish furniture for its quality and craftsmanship.

Amish horse and buggy, Amish log furniture is made by Amishmen

The Amish are noted for their quality handcrafted furniture.

Enjoy woodworking? Make your own log bed
with these easy plans, designed by an engineer...

Rustic Furniture
For Your Rustic Retreat

Log furniture is strong, durable and often massive. And there are many kinds of log furniture to choose from:

  • Log Bedroom Furniture - Choose from log beds, hope chests, log night stands, log armoires, and log chairs. How about an Amish bookcase headboard?

  • Log Living Room or Great Room Furniture - Cozy log chairs, sofas or futons, log coffee, end or sofa tables. Or pick a log glider, rocker or lounge chair.

  • Log Vanities and Bath Accessories - You can even buy shelves and tissue and towel holders to match your log home furniture.

  • Dining Room and Kitchen Rustic Furniture - Choose a log table and chairs, a rustic log hutch or log stools to sit at a kitchen island.

  • Kids Rustic Bedroom Furniture - For your children, you can buy log furniture for kids' bedrooms! Try a log bunk bed set or even a child-sized dresser.

Your choice of log furniture is limited only by your imagination. And by the Amish furniture that you are able to find...

Buying Amish Furniture

The Amish are very private people and they have very strict rules about what they can and can't do. Amish often do not have phones and they often don't have cars (The rules are specific to each Amish community, so you can't make broad generalizations.)

If you're not Amish yourself (really, how many Amish are online?), you might have a hard time buying directly from the craftsman.

Sometimes you can find Amish pine log furniture or cedar log furniture in shops in small towns in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana or Michigan.

These retail shops use propane for heat (Sorry, no air conditioning) and light, and they are never open on Sundays.

If you are lucky enough to find an Amish furniture shop, you will find it to be very simple. No frills, no elaborate displays--just the furniture, quilts and other handmade items that are being sold. If you can't find log furniture made by the Amish, you might wish to check out this rustic cabin furniture.

Rustic Log Furniture

When you buy Amish log furniture for your rustic home decor, consider whether you want it to match the wood in your home--or contrast with it.

Decide whether you want to buy just one accent piece or you would like to go for it--and have log furniture in all your rooms.

No matter what effect you'd like, you're sure to find beautiful quality Amish log furniture to suit your needs. And you will certainly enjoy your sturdy rustic log furniture for years to come.

If you'd like to make your own log bed
these easy plans will help you.

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Amish Log Furniture to Log Home Interiors

Amish Log Furniture to Log Homes

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