Log Furniture Plans

Log furniture plans can be hard to find, but there are a few good resources that can help you make your own rustic log furniture for your log home or cabin.

Books and resources on woodworking vary greatly in their level of difficulty and expertise, just as woodworkers and carpenters all have different levels of experience.

It’s difficult to write a book that will appeal to every level of workmanship, so before you purchase a book or set of log furniture plans, make sure you understand just how difficult the project will be.

Fortunately, most log home furniture projects can be completed easily by someone who has a little woodworking knowledge and has built one or more easy projects.

Here are some log furniture plans that you might like:

Log Furniture Plans for Beds

Photo of log bed that can be made from log furniture plans listed here.
With the right set of log furniture plans, you could make a log bed similar to this one.

Make a beautiful log bed for your master bedroom.

One of the problems that we often see with rustic log furniture plans is that the sizes are approximate or, sometimes they are not even listed.

If you have not had much experience with woodworking or you are not good at estimating or calculating sizes, you need to know that, when you use the measurements given, your project will be the right size and the pieces will all fit together.

Measuring is extremely important. Let’s say that you want to build a queen size log bed. If the log bed plan that you are using only has approximate numbers, measure a queen bed that you like, to get exact numbers. The most important part to get right is the “bed” area where the mattress and box spring will sit.

There is always flexibility in building your own furniture. However, it’s important to keep the old adage in mind: Measure thrice and cut once!

Start building log beds and furniture for your home now.

Making Rustic Furniture and Log Furniture Plans

Photo of book, Making Rustic Furniture

Ideas and plans for rustic furniture projects
Popular Woodworking Magazine said about this book, “With no previous woodworking experience and a few basic hand tools, anyone can make rustic furniture for the cost of a few nails, a walk in the woods, and this book. Hundreds of both color and black-and-white photographs display the rich traditions and the vast stylistic range of past and contemporary rustic furniture.”

This book gives you some history of country furniture and lots of ideas for creative furniture making. Especially good for log furniture plans, if you happen to be artistic and creative!

Making Rustic Furniture: The Tradition, Spirit, and Technique
Includes Dozens of Project Ideas

Making Rustic Furniture DVD

Photo of Making Rustic Furniture DVD

A DVD for people who learn visually.
Not everyone learns the same way. If you happen to be a person who learns by watching someone else make or do something, this could be the best way for you to learn about rustic furniture building.

The DVD is a workshop, given by Fine Woodworking, and if you’ve never built a chair before, I highly recommend that you view this DVD. Chairs are probably the most difficult project that you will make for your log or timber home, and it helps to see just how a chair is made and put together.

Fortunately, many of the principles that you’ll learn on this DVD can be applied to other projects. You’ll learn some tips on how to simplify the process, and you will learn how to make rustic furniture the RIGHT way!

Get your copy of Making Rustic Furniture DVD now!

Build Your Own Log Furniture

Photo of Build Your Own Log Furniture book

Complete 10 log furniture plans with this book.
This book is probably the most serious of the books listed here. It goes into great detail on how to:

  • Choose logs and materials
  • Make tenon and mortise joints
  • What tools you’ll need
  • Sanding
  • Drilling
  • Professional finishing

You’ll also find 10 projects that you can easily make, including bed frames, bar stools and benches.

But the part that makes this book stand out from the rest is that it can help you get started in your own woodworking business. And, to get started you won’t have to invest in a shop full of tools. Many of these projects can be made with basic tools you already probably have—and there is a huge markup on your pieces when you sell them at retail outlets!

Get Your copy of Build Your Own Log Furniture: Ten Great Projects You Can Build For Fun or Profit

Making Twig Furniture And Other Simple Projects

Photo of Making Twig Furniture book

You’ll find dozens of projects here!
If you are a beginning woodworker, this could be your best purchase ever! This book contains log furniture plans and dozens of smaller projects for your log or timber home.

The directions are specific, clearly stated and easy enough for children to make. And many of the materials can be gathered for free, while you enjoy a walk in the woods.

Dozens of projects and a lot of fun!

Purchase Making Twig Furniture and Household Things
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