Log Home Interiors
Log Home Interior Decorating

Log home interiors present a special challenge for log home interior decorating.

Log walls, whether rounded or flat, can be difficult to decorate. And there often is so much wood on the walls, ceiling, floors and furniture—that you have a virtual “wood out”, like the “white out” in a blizzard! So log home decorating requires some thought and planning. You can still have a great rustic décor, but your log cabin interior is going to have to have some contrasting colors and textures.

Consider using fabric or cloth accents like cabin rugs, curtains and wall hangings to soften the look. And make sure that you have enough rustic lighting accents to brighten the interior of your log home!

Cozy log cabin interior with fire in the fireplace

Your log cabin will be very cozy,
but remember that rustic decorating takes planning!

Rustic Décor
Log Home Interior Decorating

If you are building a log cabin, the time to plan for interior decorating—is BEFORE the home is built. This is the time to consider rustic wood staircases, as they can make a great feature in your log cabin.

If you purchase a log or timber home that is already built, you will have to work with your rustic home as it is.

Here’s the secret to great log home decoratingIt’s all about details!

Carefully thought out details, take your log or timber home, from a nice log home to an extraordinary one!

When planning your log home interior decorating, consider:

  • Log Home Decorating – Log home decorating often follows a theme such as country, western, North Woods with bears and moose, deer or even pine trees and woods.

  • Log Home Kitchens – Your log home kitchen can be rustic or as elegant as you’d like. Interior decorating effects in the kitchen are achieved by kitchen cabinets, walls, flooring and decorations.

  • Log Home Lighting – Log homes present a challenge for lighting, so it’s best to plan ahead for your lighting fixtures and accents.

  • Antler Light – The antler light is very popular in log and timber homes. Purists may prefer to have natural antlers in their fixtures (They are shed naturally by the deer, elk or moose) or the newer (and less expensive) man-made version.

  • Amish Log Furniture – Amish log furniture, known for its quality and craftsmanship, adds rustic appeal to a log or timber home.

  • Log Bedroom Furniture – Log furniture is very popular in log and timber homes, and you will find a surprising number of designs that will add interest to your rustic bedroom!

  • Pine Log Furniture – There are many interesting pine log pieces, and most have natural knots. Although pine is soft wood, pine furniture can have a place in a log or timber home.

  • Log Railing – While a railing isn’t the first thing that you think of when you buy a new home, choosing the right one can really spiff up the interior of your home!

  • Outdoor Log Furniture - Log furniture isn’t just for interiors. Log furniture can carry your log cabin theme to your outside patios, porches and garden areas...

  • How to Make Log Furniture – If you'd like to make some log furniture yourself, here are some tips to help you get started...

  • Log Furniture Plans - Save hundreds of dollars and have furniture that is totally unique and special, by making your own log furniture...

Taking the time to do a little research and planning for your log or timber home will reward you with a lovely rustic home interior.

And, most importantly, this is really not a chore because--log home decorating is rewarding and FUN!

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