Log Home Lighting

Rustic Lighting Fixtures
for Log Cabin Lighting

Log home lighting can be challenging, as log walls absorb light and lighting fixtures are difficult to add after the home is built.

Of course the best time to add lighting fixtures to your log or timber home, is when it is being built.

That’s because the wiring can be concealed in the walls. Later, installation will require a channel to conceal the wires (and it will look rigged), or you may just have to let the wires be seen. Neither solution is very good. So, if you are in the planning stages of a new log or timber home, take special care to plan your lighting.

Doing so will give you a well-thought out result, with years of pleasure in your well-lit home!

These ideas for cabin lighting should help you get it right…

Rustic log home lighting fixture

This type of rustic log home lighting fixture
should be installed when the house is built.

Types of Rustic Log Cabin Lighting

Lighting your log cabin or timber home will give it the cozy feeling that we all associate with log and timber homes. And there are a few tricks to doing it right.

  • Wall Sconces - These are best installed when building your home. Use them to illuminate a dark area, to accent a painting or sculpture or in a hallway to provide lighting. They are also a nice accent on either side of a fireplace or in a dining area to provide soft accent lighting.

  • Rustic Table Lamps - Table lamps can be added at any time. They provide task lighting for reading or you can illuminate a dark area, as long as you have a piece of furniture to set the lamp on. Table lamps are a way to express your home’s theme.

Table lamp with a western theme, using cowboys.

This table lamp has a western theme, with cowboys and horses.

  • Chandeliers - There are so many cool chandeliers in many rustic themes. These should be installed when you build. However, choosing the right chandeliers will add so much character to your home! Do your homework, as a properly chosen chandelier will easily become a focal point and a conversation starter!

  • Rustic Ceiling Fans - You can often find a rustic ceiling fan in Home Depot or Lowes. Ceiling fans are nice to include, as they add comfort to your home. Often, depending on where you live, you can open the windows and enjoy fresh air (instead of air conditioning), if you have ceiling fans.

  • Candles and Luminaries - If you just need a little more light, or you want to make your home more festive for a party, try using decorative candles and luminaries. You’ll be surprise at how homey they make your home feel…

Candles and luminaries add to your log home lighting

Candles and luminaries add ambience
to your log home lighting!

  • Vanity Lights - These are used in bathrooms. They come in a number of cute themes, and you should use some thought in choosing these. You will spend a fair amount of time each day in your bathroom—and your guests will have lots of time to look around in the the guest bathroom!

  • Ceiling Light Fixtures - This is the kind of built-in light that you see on ceilings in many homes. They are often round or square. You will be able to find ceiling lights with bears, trees, fish, etc. Usually this kind of light is not used in the great room or main living area—but you might use ceiling light fixtures in a bedroom, bathroom or hall.

  • Floor Lamps - You can add these at any time. And, in rustic settings, they often add interest as well as light. They come in all shapes and sizes and add character to your home!

Floor lamps add interest for log home lighting

Floor lamps add character and light
to log and timber homes.

  • Lamp Pendants - Often used as accent lighting, lamp pendants are nice in a dark corner or over an island in the kitchen area.

  • Monorail Lighting - Not as decorative as some of the other lighting fixtures, monorail lighting is a great way to aim lights toward the decorative beams and trusses of your ceiling. Use this kind of lighting as little spotlights to highlight the impressive features of your home!

  • Recessed Lighting - Usually little round lights built into the ceiling, these lights can be used for lighting a work area in the kitchen or even as accent lighting--for lighting a favorite piece of art on the wall. Some of these lights use LED lighting and they provide a lot of light for their size!

As you can see, you have quite a few choices when it comes to log home lighting. Some can be added at any time, but there are many that you will have to install when building your home.

Keep your decorating theme in mind, and you’ll find that the log cabin lighting that you choose, will greatly enhance the comfort and beauty of your log or timber home!

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Log Home Lighting to Log Home Interiors

Log Home Lighting to Log Homes

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