Outdoor Log Furniture
Rustic Log Furniture

Wood Outdoor Furniture
For Porch or Patio

Outdoor log furniture can complement your log or timber home.

Use log patio furniture on a porch or patio to tie together the rustic interior and exterior of your home.

Most log, timber frame and post and beam homes have an outdoor area—a screened in porch, a deck, a farmer’s porch or a patio. And a porch or patio needs furniture. Of course you can add a rustic swing, glider or rocking chair to your outdoor space. And these moving pieces of furniture add to the cozy, homey feel of a wood home.

But you also need some rustic outdoor furniture, as well. Consider using a few outdoor wood furniture pieces like a log chair, a log table, a log picnic table, a log swing or a log bench.

Log table and chairs used on a log home deck

This log table and chairs go nicely on the deck of a log home.

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Rustic Log Furniture
Outside Your Log Home

People who live in log or timber homes appreciate the outdoors. And so they often spend quite a bit of time outdoors on a porch or patio.

Log furniture, used outside, has a number of advantages:

  • Weight - Before you start laughing, weight is an issue with outdoor furniture. Decks and patios can get pretty windy. Light weight outdoor furniture can get knocked over or be carried away by the wind. Good solid, log furniture will stay in place.

Log chairs are a good choice for outdoor log furniture

These log chairs are sturdy and will stay in place.

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  • Solid - Log furniture is sturdy, and it will last for years with normal use.

  • Comfortable - With a cushion here and there, log furniture is very comfortable. And if it is used by heavy people, it will not get wobbly, like less sturdy outdoor furniture.

  • Beauty - This is probably the reason most people choose log furniture for their patio or porch. Its grains and colors are beautiful—just like the logs or timbers in your home!

Log table with rustic beauty

This lovely log table could be made
by a person who enjoys woodworking.

As you can see, log furniture can be used very effectively, both indoors and outdoors in your log or timber home.

Using outdoor log furniture can tie together the theme that you used indoors, with your outdoor living areas.

Consider using a piece of log furniture outdoors to unite your porch or patio with its natural surroundings…

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Outdoor Log Furniture to Log Home Interiors

Outdoor Log Furniture to Log Homes

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