Post and Beam Homes

Timber Homes
Using Post and Beam Techniques

Post and beam homes are popular for luxury homes and lodges and also for vacation get-aways.

Noted for its strength and endurance, post and beam construction is also strikingly beautiful! Almost a forgotten art, post and beam construction dates back several hundred years.

And many of those original buildings—homes and barns—are still standing today!

The beauty of a post and beam house, with both structural and decorative beams, is limited only by your imagination!

Post and beam homes are especially beautiful around Christmas, with their Christmas decorations.

A post and beam house is especially beautiful around Christmas!

Post and Beam Houses

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Post and beam homes are elegant and strong. They can have a rustic interior, and they capture the true spirit of living green, using renewable building materials, showing off their natural beauty--and lasting almost forever!

Post and Beam Homes to Log Homes

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