Rustic Area Rugs Reviews

Rustic Area Rugs Reviews. Best accent rugs for a rustic décor. Use area rugs and accent rugs to create your rustic log cabin décor.

Choose wildlife themes, pinecone rugs, deer rugs, moose rugs, or any other kind of outdoor theme to get the rustic feel that you’d like. Rough textures and natural colors add to the rustic décor.

And, while you are at it, choose rustic accents for your room—like floor or table lamps, sconces, statues or carvings, tapestries, metal wall hangings or metal welcome signs.

Here are some rustic area rugs to consider:

United Weavers Highland Falls Rug

This beautiful rustic wildlife rug reflects the colors of fall and the outdoors.

Moose and canoes remind one of the woods and mountains of Maine and New Hampshire.

Your rustic lodge or log cabin will be made more cozy and comfortable with this pretty rug.

It will look great in your rustic kitchen, in the den next to your TV chair or at the front door, where it will greet your guests.

Lovely and vivid colors that won't fade or look soiled.

Made in Saudi Arabia, of Olefin.

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United Weavers Forest Trail Lodge Rug

Vivid rich colors and fine details make this rustic pine woods and pine cones rug an exceptional addition to a rustic timber or log home.

The rug works nicely on a tile or hardwood floor, and it has a natural jute backing.

Made of Olefin, the rug has a nice plush feel, and it will resist water, stains and fading.

If you have a covered porch, you could even use it there, although I think it's much too pretty to use outside...

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Scarlet Woodlands Rugs

A lovely classic area rug that will bring traditional warmth to your cozy timber lodge.

This uplifting accent rug sports moose, bears and Northwoods trees. And they are highlighted by traditional red plaid.

Use this charming rug to define a cozy corner in your common area or to bring together a group of comfy chairs.

The rug is large enough to create an intimate retreat, but not so large that it loses you.

Treat yourself to a bright rustic room decor accent!

Shop safely at Black Forest with their no hassle customer satisfaction guarantee.

Milliken American Patchwork

Very rustic and very American, this cute rug will look great in a rustic cabin or a luxury timber lodge!

Use it to develop your nostalgic Americana theme or to bring summer festivity to your cabin in the woods.

The cabin rug is made by Milliken, and they have received a number of awards, internationally, for their quality textile pieces.

Guaranteed for 5 years against soiling and stains!

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Timberland Oversized Area Rug

Looking for a rustic area rug for your lake cabin? This one has rustic appeal and includes fish, squirrels, acorns, and woodsy leaves.

The checkerboard border gives the rug a rustic timber lodge look, and the colors are wonderful natural hues of brown and gold.

The rich tones and lovely pictures will bring classy elegance to your lake lodge!

And this pretty area rug can be used as the center of attention in your common area. It's oversized and measures almost 8'x11'.

Shop safely at Black Forest with their no hassle customer satisfaction guarantee.

Best Accent Rugs
For a Rustic Decor

So just how do you go about finding the right rustic decorations for your new log or timber home?

The first thing you would select in a room is the wall covering. If you choose a large print wall paper for your walls, you will need to stick with a plain area rug or wall to wall carpet.

On the other hand, choose a very small print or plain neutral (or natural) color for the walls, and you can choose a rustic accent rug with interesting pictures. The rug, instead of your wall, becomes the center of interest.

Keep your colors coordinated with your accent rugs and wall color, and keep your theme loosely connected. For example, if you have a log cabin on the lake, you can use ducks, moose, bear, fish and lake scenes—and they will all work well together to get the rustic décor lake look.

Choose furniture that goes well with your rustic area rug and make sure that it is comfortable and cozy for your family needs.

Most of all, choose items that your family likes. You need to enjoy being in your lodge or cabin, and you need to be comfortable when you are…

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