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Rustic bedding can play a huge part in carrying out the theme of your rustic log cabin or lodge décor. Or your timberframe home on the beach, for that matter! Fortunately there are many lovely comforter sets to help you with your log home decorating!

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For Your Cabin Decor

Your log cabin decorating will be so much easier if you center your bedroom theme around a special theme comforter set.  And, depending on where your cabin is located, there are many cool themes for bedding comforters, to choose from.

For instance, if you have a beach house or timber lodge, you can choose salty and rustic, nautical or beach themes with shells, fish and palm trees or tropical with bright colors and whimsical scenes.

Rustic bedding in a log cabin
Log cabin quilts, like this one, are considered to be rustic bedding. They are complementary to many rustic decors.  Note the sleigh bed in this cabin.

If you have a log cabin in the woods, choose an animal like a bear or deer, choose pine cones and trees or choose a garden or herb theme with song birds.

If you have a cabin on a lake, use fish and water motifs, along with animals that you see near your home.

Or, if you have a timber frame lodge near a ski slope, use wildlife or snow shoes, skis and winter scenes throughout your rustic décor.

Whatever you decide to do, keep it consistent—that way your cabin decorating will be much more effective!