Rustic Decorations
Lodge Style Decorating

For Log and Timber Frame Homes

Rustic decorations give your home character. And it’s not hard to add items that give your home rustic appeal

You can include rustic shower curtains, rustic signs, chainsaw carvings, rustic wall hangings, rustic wall art, cabin pillows, rustic area rugs and rustic cabin bedding.

And, if you choose, you can furnish your home with rustic furniture—log furniture or shaker style furniture with carvings or decorations.

But, you don’t have to have rustic furniture to create rustic ambience in your home.

Many log and timber homes have traditional, modern or antique furniture—and, with rustic decorating touches, the homes have a nice log cabin or lodge feel to them…

Rustic decorations like lamps, pillows, throws and wall pictures are important to lodge decorating.

Rustic decorations like lamps, pillows, throws and wall pictures
are important to lodge and cabin decorating.

The secret to making it all work is to select a theme and stick to it. Your theme can be as narrow as “bears” or as wide as “outdoors”.

Rustic Bathroom Design

The bathroom is an area where you can easily carry out a theme—and very inexpensively.

The bathroom is usually a smaller room and, with just a few rustic decorating touches, you can have a great country look.

Pine cone bath accessories hold pine cone towels.

Rustic bath accessories add interest to the bathroom.

Here are some ideas for log home decorating in the bath:
  • Bathroom accessories – There are some really cute bathroom accessories and they can add a fun touch to your bathroom.

  • Bathroom rugs – Choose bathroom rugs to complement your bathroom theme.

  • Bathroom light fixtures – Not always easy to find, rustic bathroom fixtures can be really special.

  • Bathroom wall mirrors – While they do serve a function, bathroom wall mirrors also can be very decorative!

  • Rustic shower curtains – Rustic shower curtains are one of the easiest ways to make a bathroom theme come together.

  • Bathroom linens – Choose bath towels and hand towels that go with your theme.

  • Rustic cabinet hardware – Just a simple touch, but rustic cabinet hardware can really add to the bathroom décor.

Cabin Décor
Home Decorating Ideas

To make your lodge or cabin cozy and comfortable, there are a number of things that you can do:

  • Photos and pictures - Wall pictures that reflect your cabin or lodge theme can add interest to your walls. Make sure you don’t forget to put a fun picture in the bathroom—an often forgotten place for wall décor!

  • Rustic mirrors and clocks - Often thought of as strictly utilitarian, use mirrors and clocks for decoration, too. There are wonderful designs that can add lots of interest to your walls.

  • Rustic sculptures - Use wildlife sculptures on wall shelves (near or under pictures with the same theme), on tables and use large chainsaw carvings on the floor.

  • Light switch covers - Often overlooked, light switch covers can be part of your log cabin decorating…

Cute light switch cover with bears.

This cute light switch cover would add character to any room.

  • Lodge signs - Lodge signs are a fun way to express yourself and get the conversation started in your log or timber home.

  • Dinnerware and linens - Cabin dinnerware and rustic linens also add to your timber home ambience.

  • Wall hangings - Wall hangings help you carry out your lodge or cabin theme and they also provide some contrasting softness to the hard materials (like wood or tile) used in a room.

  • Area rugs - Not always easy to find, rustic area rugs can become the center of interest in a room. Finding the right area rug for a room is well worth the time invested…

Rustic decorations, while they may seem insignificant at first glance, are VERY important to creating the look that you want in your home.

Each rustic item or detail will add to the overall effect, and your home will get cozier, more comfortable and it will reflect YOU!

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