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A rustic kitchen cabinet adds character to rustic country kitchens.

Your choice of wood and the design of the cabinets both play an important part in achieving the look that you want.

Some woods give a more informal look while others will give your kitchen cabinets and rustic kitchen a more sophisticated and elegant look.

Rustic cabinets for the kitchen often come in natural wood (no stain) and some are even distressed to give you that really rustic and informal look!

Depending on what you want for your kitchen, you can find rustic kitchen cabinets in all price ranges, as well.

And, to match your rustic cabinets you will find cute or simple rustic kitchen cabinet hardware.

Hickory cabinets are popular in log homes and rustic lodges.

Hickory cabinets are popular in log homes and rustic lodges.
Hickory tends to be informal.

Kitchen Cabinet Woods
Used in Rustic Kitchens

Not every wood works well in a rustic country kitchen. However, you will be surprised at some of the woods that you may see:

  • Knotty Pine Cabinets - Traditionally used in log cabins and rustic cabins by the lake, knotty pine is still very popular for kitchen cabinets. When used in a log cabin, knotty pine cabinets often mirror the wood on the walls, floor and ceiling. Some people like the look of using the same kind of wood everywhere, including in kitchen cabinets, while others like to use a contrasting wood for their cabinets.

  • Oak Cabinets - While oak has been used widely in kitchen cabinets, when using it in a rustic country décor, you should use simple cabinet designs. Shaker designs and simple flat panel designs both work well.

  • Maple Kitchen Cabinets - This one may be surprising to you. Maple, often used in more formal kitchens, can also be used in rustic kitchens. But the trick here is to use VERY simple lines in your cabinets. Maple can offer a nice contrast with darker woods.

    And keep in mind that, even the pine wood (used in walls, floors and ceilings) will darken with age. Pine will achieve a nice yellow/light brown patina over time. So maple wood can offer an interesting contrast to the darker pine.

These maple kitchen cabinets offer a nice contrast to the darker woods of the walls, door and tile.

These maple kitchen cabinets offer a nice contrast
to the darker woods of the walls, door and the floor tile.

  • Hickory Kitchen Cabinets - Usually hickory cabinets come in natural wood—no stains. As they age, they will become darker. Hickory wood naturally has lots of different colors and wild patterns in it, so if you like a more even colored wood, hickory is NOT for you. On the other hand, hickory is a great, informal wood and it goes very nicely in rustic homes.

These cherry kitchen cabinets add sophistication to this timber frame home.

These cherry kitchen cabinets add sophistication to this timber frame home.

  • Cherry Kitchen Cabinets - This one may come as another surprise to you. But natural cherry wood is like a toned down hickory wood. It has a number of patterns and colors and it darkens with age to have rich red tones. If you’re using cherry in the kitchen, use the natural wood and keep the cabinet design simple, as cherry can easily take on a formal tone. Cherry lends an air of sophistication to a rustic lodge kitchen.

  • Painted Kitchen Cabinets - Painted cabinets are also informal, and you often find them in weekend cottages and summer homes. Painted cabinets can offer a contrast to wood walls, and they are easy to keep clean, because you just wipe them down with a damp cloth.

Your home is your castle, and your kitchen is the center of your home. Choose a rustic kitchen cabinet design that reflects your taste. And then use rustic hardware that complements your other home décor and goes nicely with your kitchen cabinets.

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