Rustic Lamp Shades
Country Lamp Shades

Lamp Shades to Complement
Your Rustic Décor

Rustic lamp shades come in various materials like metal lamp shades, leather lamp shades and parchment lamp shades.

You can even get them with deer, moose, bears, elk, trout or painted pine cones on them.

Of course your first consideration is choosing a rustic lamp or light fixture to go with your theme and the other rustic decorations in your home.

But, not to be forgotten, a country lamp shade that has rustic appeal is the finishing touch for your beautiful rustic lamp.

This rustic shade has a tree picture that mirrors the cute rustic lamp.

This rustic shade has a tree picture
that mirrors the cute rustic lamp.

Country Lamp Shades
Rustic Lampshades

Of course there are different types of lamp shades for rustic cabins and lodges. Some have a rustic décor theme while others tend to be more western.

Choosing a lamp shade type will depend on your country style or décor and the theme that you have chosen?

  • Parchment lamp shades – These are probably the most common kind of country lamp shades that you will see. You can get plain parchment lamp shades, lamp shades laced with rawhide lacing and parchment lamp shade with hand painted designs. Parchment lamp shades are usually a neutral color.

  • Mica lamp shades - Mica lamp shades shine with elegance. They are usually hand made and they have an interesting natural texture. You can use mica shades with both western and rustic décor.

  • Metal lamp shades - Remember the old pie cupboards with the punched tin decorations (that let air circulate in the cupboard)? Metal lamp shades have an antique look and are also rustic lamp shades. They bring a unique sparkle to a room, with a touch of magic. You can get metal lamp shades in different metals: copper, tin and painted black metal.

    Rawhide lacing on this lamp gives it a rustic lamp shade look.

    This rustic lamp has a lamp shade with rawhide lacing.

  • Leather lamp shades - There are lamp shades that are actually made from thin leather. And quite a few are laced with rawhide lacing. Leather lamp shades are especially appropriate if you have chosen a western décor for your log or timber home. The colors and textures in leather lamp shades are natural and they are rustic but also very classy!

  • Hand painted lamp shades - Some of the cutest rustic or country lamp shades are hand painted with themes like deer, pine cones, trees, horses or moose. If you have a specific theme for your log or timber home, you can probably find lamp shades to match your them. And many of them are hand painted by famous artists!

Choosing the perfect lamp or light fixture for your home is only half the battle. You need to make sure that the rustic lamp shades that you choose—are perfect for your lamps and for your rustic décor!

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Rustic Lamp Shades to Country Decorating Ideas

Rustic Lamp Shades to Log Homes

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